EEGS organized another enthralling monthly webinar, highlighting respected speakers to delve into an enlightening conversation.

On February 26th, the Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS) conducted a Free Webinar focused on the topic “Balkan Gaming Landscape: a Maze or Amaze? Deep dive in the markets.” Distinguished experts and professionals from the gaming and entertainment industry convened to explore the latest trends, developments, and challenges encountered in the Balkan markets.

 EEGS organized another enthralling monthly webinar, highlighting respected speakers to delve into an enlightening conversation.

The webinar was moderated by Rossi McKee, Co-founder of Telematic Interactive Bulgaria and Honorary Chairman of the Association of the gaming industry in Bulgaria (AGIB). Contributions and insights were provided by representatives from various Balkan countries including Angel Iribozov, Chairman of AGIB; Dan Iliovici, Vice-president of ROMBET, Romania; Ovidiu Iosif, Executive Director of “Joc Responsabil” Association in Romania; Zoran Puhac from Serbia, Secretary General of European Organization for Gaming Law (EOGL); and Vasko Ilijevski, President of Macedonian Sports Betting Association.

Throughout the webinar, speakers offered valuable insights into the prevailing market conditions in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, North Macedonia, and Montenegro. Key themes such as gambling advertising, the implementation of responsible gaming policies, and the reception of new laws and regulations were thoroughly discussed, providing attendees with comprehensive understanding.

Responding to the moderator’s inquiry about the primary challenges faced by gaming professionals in the Balkans, Zoran Puhac highlighted the influence of elections, stating, “During the election time, all politicians try to find out something new to improve their image and that’s the problem.” Angel Iribozov further emphasized the impact of politicians’ tax ambitions on the gambling sector.

The webinar concluded with an engaging Q&A session where the panelists addressed queries on topics including the total ban of gambling advertising and challenges faced by companies directly involved in the sector. Dan Iliovici shared insights regarding the effectiveness of total bans, referencing the experience of Italy.

Certificates of Attendance were presented to each participant, acknowledging their commitment to professional development in the field. The webinar generated significant interest among attendees, prompting a promise of a follow-up session to delve deeper into the forthcoming changes discussed.

A recording from the webinar is available to watch for free on the EEGS YouTube channel –

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