2024 Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention:
Entering its 37th year, the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention has established itself not only as the premier event for the Indian Gaming industry but as the figurative heartbeat of Native American success.The largest gathering of tribal leaders and casino executives in the country, the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention is both the meeting place where the community gathers to learn, network and exchange industry-specific ideas and a cultural celebration of success, strength and self-reliance.

About Indian Gaming Association:
The Indian Gaming Association is a non-profit organization of sovereign tribal nations with other non-voting associate members representing organizations, tribes and business engaged in tribal gaming enterprises around the country. As the go-to resource for the community on education, legislation and public policy issues, Indian Gaming Association works to advance the social, economic and political success of its members and the Indian community, at large.

2024 Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention

Contact Info

Booth Sales/Exhibitor Information
Ed Gallo
Director of Sales and Attendee Programs
Phone: 203-521-2538 or 678-5716
[email protected]

Breanna Pitts
Manager of Exhibitor Services
Phone: 253.212.2735
[email protected]​​​​​​​

Marketing & Press
Samantha Grimaldi
Group Marketing Director
Phone: 203-242-8123
[email protected]

Nadira Ramatally
Marketing Director
Phone: 786-396-9729
[email protected]

Meghan Tooth
Senior Marketing Coordinator
Phone: 203-242-8718
[email protected]

Conference Program
Lisa Johnson
Conference Manager
[email protected]

General Event Information
Brian Sullivan
Show Director
[email protected]