Highly awaited irish gambling regulation bill takes center stage at One-Zero

One-Zero, the convergence of sport, business, and technology, was held at AVIVA Stadium last week in Dublin. The conference showcased an impressive array of speakers, including legendary sports promoter Eddie Hearn, former Manchester United star turned entrepreneur Louis Saha, three-time Super Bowl champion Lonie Paxton, and emerging technology innovator Daniel Wyles from Flutter Entertainment. Across two days of panel discussions, notable figures from eCOGRA and renowned brands like Under Armour, Eurovision, PGA, Boca Juniors, Colo-Colo, and England Rugby addressed topics such as innovation, strategy, and performance.

 Highly awaited irish gambling regulation bill takes center stage at One-Zero

One-Zero, renowned globally for its spotlight on the forefront of sports technology, business, and innovation, expanded its scope this year to include the betting and gambling industry. Among its discussions was a panel dedicated to the highly anticipated Irish Gambling Regulation Bill. Moderated by Sarah Curran, Head of Marketing at eCOGRA, leaders in Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC), the panel featured several experts from the gambling industry: Graham Ross, Head of Operations in Europe for PointsBet FBG, Martina Cilia, Manager of International Affairs & Policy Strategy at the Malta Gaming Authority, and Niamh Gallagher, Marketing Manager at Mindway AI.

Graham initiated the discussion by highlighting the industry’s overall support for a purposeful regulatory framework, emphasizing the need to build on existing structures rather than starting anew. He also underscored the positive contributions of Irish-based operators to the global gambling landscape while acknowledging the challenges posed by insufficient local regulation, particularly regarding problem gambling.

Martina echoed Graham’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of collaboration among regulators and the industry to ensure player protection. She referenced regulatory directives aimed at safeguarding players’ interests and maintaining transparency within the industry.

Niamh drew attention to the significant economic potential of the gambling sector in Ireland, paralleling it with the country’s beef exports. She advocated for a comprehensive approach to player care, citing the UK’s multifaceted strategy as a model worth considering.

Key insights from the panel discussion include:
– Broad support among stakeholders for a robust regulatory framework in Ireland, with concerns regarding operational feasibility and alignment with policy goals.
– Opportunities for mutual learning and innovation through relationships with regulators in other jurisdictions.
– Recognition of the substantial economic opportunity presented by the gambling industry, balanced with the priority of player welfare.
– The importance of accurate data collection and early intervention in addressing problem gambling behaviors.

eCOGRA, accredited by the Irish National Accreditation Board (‘INAB’), established an Irish office in Dublin last year, poised to support the implementation of the new regulatory framework. One-Zero will return to Dublin in March 2025 to continue driving conversations on the future of sports, business, technology, and gambling.


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