Zitro is set to impress at this year’s IGA with a diverse product portfolio.

At the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention (IGA) 2024, hosted at the Anaheim Convention Center in California, Zitro will be located at booth 1454, showcasing exciting new releases for their GLARE cabinet line. This exhibition underscores their dedication to innovation and excellence in gaming, as well as their commitment to the Tribal Gaming market.

 Zitro is set to impress at this year’s IGA with a diverse product portfolio.

Over the past year, Zitro has made significant strides in the country, expanding to 14 states and serving over 90 casinos. Through strategic investments in technology, infrastructure, and personnel, they have tripled their growth. They are confident that their presentation at this year’s IGA, coupled with their new range of products tailored for the U.S. market, will deliver a unique player experience and ensure returns on operators’ investments.

Attendees can explore a variety of game titles that have garnered global success, including Fu Frog and Fu Pots, available for both the Illusion and Allure Glare cabinets. These games incorporate market trends such as persistent elements and multi-level progressives, captivating both operators and players alike.

Additionally, Zitro will feature popular products initially launched at G2E Las Vegas, each tailored for the Illusion, Allure, or Altius Glare cabinets. These include Billy the Pig, Lún Pán Dú, 88 Link Shiro, and more.

Anticipation builds as Zitro unveils new games for the US market, such as Drum Dynasty, available for both the Allure and Fusion Glare cabinets. This game features two unique bonuses — Bonus Mighty and Bonus Power — enhancing the excitement of every spin. Night Link, showcased on the Illusion Glare cabinet, introduces three thrilling functionalities — Boomerang, Storm, and Collect — offering players access to up to 8 different bonus links. Lastly, Epic Empires, presented on the premium Altius Glare, features a new and distinctive 3-Level Link Evolution, promising an unparalleled gaming experience.

All in all, Zitro’s catalog of products, including their new launches for the U.S. market, look very promising. Zitro USA’s CEO, Derik Mooberry, confirmed the company’s excitement about their attendance at this year’s IGA tradeshow: “We are eager to show both operators and players, as well as the Tribal Gaming Community, our strong product portfolio at this year’s IGA. Our global teams have been tirelessly working to deliver the best gaming experiences to captivate players, and I have high expectations for our new products. We’re proud of our growth so far in the U.S. market, but I’m sure that the investments we’re making in technology, infrastructure and of course, our people, will continue to pay off, so you can expect big things from Zitro in the future”.

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