Expert predicts Barcelona will elevate ICE to extraordinary levels in safer gambling

Since October 2021, Art Paikowsky has led as President of the International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG), significantly boosting the organization’s resources, leading to a doubling in secured funds. Currently, over 25 studies are underway under his tenure. At ICE 2024, ICRG, along with another safer gambling organization, was among the beneficiaries of the £41,000 pool raised by brands such as Light and Wonder, Flutter, Betsson Group, IGT, Novomatic, Neccton, and Playtech.

 Expert predicts Barcelona will elevate ICE to extraordinary levels in safer gambling

Overall, ICE is viewed as an impeccably organized event with continuously improving content, demonstrating Clarion’s dedication to enhancement each year. The relocation to Barcelona is eagerly anticipated, with the city’s appeal and excellent amenities expected to elevate the event even further.

Regarding the £20,500 award, Art Paikowsky expressed gratitude to Clarion and highlighted the importance of such funds in supporting research endeavors. These funds significantly contribute to the grant pool, enabling researchers worldwide to pursue important projects.

Having a dedicated show feature on safer gambling is deemed crucial for major B2B gambling events. ICE’s focus on this topic, coupled with valuable content, reflects Clarion’s leadership in addressing important industry issues.

Key discussions at ICE 2024 from a safer gambling perspective included the UK government’s White Paper, the impact of technology on safer gambling, and the risks associated with emerging adult markets. Sports betting, regulation, and advertising were also prominent topics of discussion.

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of ICRG at ICE was highly significant, providing valuable exposure and recognition for the organization. This milestone will further support upcoming events such as the 25th-anniversary golf tournament in Las Vegas and the educational conference scheduled for October.

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